Rock, Paper, Scissors

Have you ever played this game with someone? A fist indicates a rock, hard and forceful, unmovable, able to crush scissors, as indicated by moving the first two fingers open and closed. However, if you end up just putting your hand straight out, you are demonstrating paper, which can be cut by scissors, but overtakes the crushing forces of rock. And it was this little childhood game that got me to thinking…isn’t this really a metaphor for life and some of the situations that we find ourselves in. Sometimes, we are like rocks, steadfast and unmovable and then something as flimsy as sheet of paper (unexpected bills, negative test results, divorce papers, etc.) can enter our life and shake the solid foundation on which we stand. Other times we find ourselves like scissors and just cut through all the bad news that comes to us via paper and yet, become crushed by the weights of the world (broken relationships, death of loved ones, COVID-19, etc.). But, I guess the point that I’m trying to make is that in life if we could see ourselves as the rock, paper or scissors in our struggle, we may be able to see a way of solving our problems by taking a different perspective. That is what life coaching is all about, helping you to view life through a different perspective so that you can live the life you’d love, and love the life you live.

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Dr. Bibia Redd is a certified Life Coach and Positive Psychologist. She enjoys helping people learn to love...

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