As the year 2020 comes to a close, hopefully taking with it all its chaos and degradation, we will probably go through our normal ritual of reflection and promising to ourselves to do much better and accomplish so much more in 2021. And while this is a good practice, I just want to take a moment and offer some words of advice. You see it seems as though many of us spend endless amounts of time pondering, wondering and trying to find ways to tap into or pursue our purpose. In order to do this, we must first understand what purpose is and where it comes from. For example, in the photograph, you see droplets of water on a leaf. Neither of these objects searched for their purpose, but in their being, their purpose was achieved. The water, being its natural self simply fell upon the leaf, replenished the leaf, was absorbed into the leaf and went on the become something much bigger than itself. The leaf, needing the water, and unable to accomplish its fullest potential without the water droplets, among other things absorbed the droplets and grew allowing its beauty to be beheld. Neither the leaf, nor the water droplets spent their time wondering what should they do, what could they become, why am I here, etc. They both simply allowed their nature to propel them to completing and accomplishing their purpose. And I hear you, you are saying, we are talking about mere water droplets, and a leaf. What kind of purpose could they possibly have?

Well, let’s be clear. Water alone is a major component of who we are. Our brain is 80-85% of water. The substance which you feel has no means of identifying its purpose, makes up the vast majority of what allows us to ponder our purpose. Consequently…if it weren’t for water, we wouldn’t be able to think, question, move, pursue, or do any of the wonderful things that we do. So, now that we have an understanding and probably a greater respect for water, I’d like to challenge your thinking a bit further in this purpose pursuit.

Water is a natural wonder. It falls from the sky as rain, it forms large bodies of water. It can be both nourishing as well as destroying. But in all these aspects of water, it stays true to its purpose. And this is what I want you to understand about your purpose. It is not something that we pursue, it is something that lies within us. It is not a question to be answered, but a path to follow. It doesn’t require our thought as much as our actions. We often seek purpose, based on the purposes we have seen in others. We believe that we should accomplish great things because others have. If it is our purpose to accomplish great things, we will. And by whose standards are we even measuring greatness? I believe this question is where our biggest tragedy lies in the unfulfillment of our purpose. The water droplet sitting on this leaf is not comparing itself with the water droplet that is forming the Pacific Ocean, or that was part of the Hurricane. No, it is abundantly content in being the droplet that nourished this one leaf.

If there is but one thing 2020 taught us, it is that life if precious. And my friend, if you made it through 2020, then your greatest purpose is to live. Live a life that is thankful, grateful, and loving. At the end of the day, not everyone can be a Barack Obama, Nelson Mandela, Marie Curie, or any other historical figure that we have given the label of greatness. But what you can be is the greatest YOU possible, and you don’t do that by trying to create a purpose for yourself, you do that by simply living the life that has been placed before you and doing that with style and grace. If you are a mother, be the best mother and wife possible. If you are homeless, love the others who find themselves in the same predicament that you have found yourself in. If you have it all, share what you have with others. Remember, purpose means to do that for which you were created. At the moment you were born, your purpose was to live until the day in which you would live no more. So, if you are living the life that you have to the best of your ability, then you are fulfilling your purpose. Purpose comes from being needed. If there is someone who needs you, then you have a purpose. You needn’t look for another. You simply need to fulfill the one that you have. If your goal is to achieve greatness, you should understand, that fulfilling your purpose and accomplishing goals are not one in the same. Greatness, much like everything in life is a progression. If you live your life as the water droplet, with the purpose of serving, rather than being served, you will find that your greatness will increase.

I have heard it said that is is better to have loved and lost, than to never have loved at all. While that may be true, in terms of purpose, it is better to have lived and served rather than have lived and never served at all. Beloved, as always it is my desire that you come to love the life you live and live the life you love as a result. Christ came so that we could live, and live life abundantly. I pray for your abundance in 2021, with all the blessings and favor you could ever imagine, I challenge you to live life out loud and on purpose from this day forth, Dr. Bibia:-)

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Dr. Bibia Redd is a certified Life Coach and Positive Psychologist. She enjoys helping people learn to love...

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