Services Offered

BRedd of Life Coaching focuses on restoring, rebuilding and rejoicing one life at a time.


Emotional Health/Wellness

Stress/Anxiety, Overcoming Fear/Obstacles

Life and its daily hassles, much like our physical health takes a toll on our mental and emotional well being. BRedd of life will help you to identify when your well-being is out of balance and teach you ways of restoring your emotional health and wellness.


Self -Concept, Self-Esteem, Empowerment, Self Actualization

Life experiences has the tendency to tear down areas of our self-concept that keep from believing in ourselves. BRedd of Life will help you to rebuild your concept empowering you to go after the things you deserve in life.



It seems as though the things that are supposed to bring us the most happiness in life can also be the ones that cause us the most trouble. BRedd of life seeks to help you learn to care for yourself as well others through positive thinking and the removal of obstacles that prohibit from enjoying life so that you are can rejoice, and again, I say rejoice.


Dealing with relational strife/Conflict Resolution

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